Notices for 6-23-00

  • League of Women Voters, Washington DC, awarded Health and Human Services Secretary, Donna Shalala, with its Distinguished Leader Award for her contributions and leadership committment to public service throughout her career.
  • Former health care administrator, Thomas C. Shepherd, DHA, has been named president of the Board of Trustees at Bastyr University, Seattle, WA.
  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE What’s with a Purpose. 06/23/2000 Contact Name: Treacy Duerfeldt Contact Phone: 888-446-9799 The Right Reason for doing anything is to ultimately help people. The Right is no exception in how it helps good causes and non-profit organizations. Assistance is provided by building both community and needed resources using virtual content and ISP (Internet Service Provider) technologies. Founded by Treacy Duerfeldt, The Right was an inspiration based on his non-profit involvement since childhood and his years as a regional ISP owner. Treacy’s offices are located in Olympia, WA, but his virtual company has people and operations in Florida, New Jersey, California, Nebraska, Michigan and New York. The basic business premise is based on the question: “What if people had one place to go where they can find a cause, and get involved while painlessly giving of their finances and receiving quality ISP or other Internet related services?” With the model NOT based on advertising, the partner organizations can better avoid indirect endorsement of products or services without their approval. A non-profit organization is having a fundraising event…With The Right Reason service that event gets posted for the public to see, or volunteers are needed, again the need gets posted! What a way to get the word out! These partner organizations optionally endorse the $19.95/month ISP services as their fund-raiser and are provided a means to announce their needs and events to a broader audience. Non-profits, large and small, need new ways to build their support bases and resources. The Right further opens the virtual door to raising funds and resources without sacrificing an organization’s message to outright commercialism or advertising. With a growing team of Community Builders who build active relationships with partner organizations across the country, The Right strives to keep the “high touch” in high-tech. In addition, editorial staff works with the organizations to be sure virtual content is clear and accurate. All of this is provided to the partner organizations at no cost to them. Thus far The Right has actively partnered with over 40 organizations in less than twelve weeks. The organizations range from small groups, like the FLOOD Christian Youth Group of Olympia, WA, to large national groups like the AIDS Research Consortium based in California. Given recent updates in interface and infrastructure, The Right is bracing for even larger growth, and is actively pursuing strategic alliance and investment strategies. Plans to provide more tools and options to organizations and their supporters are under development, including a bi-lingual, Spanish web-site. More can be found at

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