Internet election – Only 26,000 registered

The American Library Association, Common Cause and the Center for Democracy and Technology are working together to get out the vote for the upcoming board election for the Internet’s domain-name keeper, The Standard reported June 29.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which has been assigned by the Clinton administration to oversee the Net’s address system, will have an election in September to elect five new members to its 19-member board.

Policies set by the group determine which new domain names are added to the net and how conflicts between domain-name holders are resolved.

Anyone in the world who is 16 or older and has an e-mail and postal address can register to participate in the election. So far, only about 26,000 people have registered, including about 8,200 in the U.S. Registration closes July 31.

Each of the groups has set up a separate website for the registration drive: Common Cause, Center for Democracy and Technology, American Library Association.

For full text, see The Standard.

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