Online expert shifts jobs – Leaves nonprofit sector

A prominent Internet policy and online rights expert is leaving the nonprofit world to join a private information protection firm.

Alex Fowler will become the Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy for Zero Knowledge Systems. He was formerly the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for online civil liberties organization the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and before that worked for the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Fowler will define the company’s privacy policy agenda and act as its primary liaison with the online advocacy and policy community.

“We are building the industry’s first top-flight privacy policy shop,” said Stephanie Perrin, the firm’s chief privacy officer. “Alex brings a decade of experience, contacts and insights into those issues where policy and technology intersect to determine the future directions of our societies.”

While at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Fowler conceived the Kosovo Privacy Project. The project provided secure e-mail and Internet service to protect online communications in Yugoslavia and Kosovo.

While working for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, he sponsored a Congressional briefing on encryption, scientific freedom and human rights, which was also one of the first legislative events cybercast live on the Internet.

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