Another $50M from Gates – Money to develop microbicides

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced nearly $50 million in AIDS-related grants Wednesday, in addition to the $50 million in grant money it announced Monday, the Associated Press reported July 12.

Nearly half of the money will go to the Eastern Virginia Medical School for the development and testing of microbicides, which disable or kill agents that cause STDs. The grant is the largest ever received by the Consortium for Industrial Collaboration in Contraceptive Research, a program of the school’s Contraceptive Research and Development Program.

Another $15 million will go to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation to improve women’s access to treatment that can reduce the transmission of AIDS during childbirth. Some $10 million will help fund a public awareness campaign in South Africa as well as an effort to care for orphans and children.

On Monday, the foundation announced $50 million in grants to strengthen Botswana’s health care system. Merck & Co. said it will match the Botswana donation, mostly by providing AIDS drugs.

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