$20M for school choice – Spots to air next week

A new $20 million national advertising campaign will promote alternatives to the government-run public school system and promote school choice for parents.

Campaign for America’s Children will start airing television ads the third week in July. The coalition will also fund studies and host seminars and debates on education issues.

The organization will be co-chaired by William Bennett and Joseph Califano, former Secretaries of Education in the Reagan and Carter Administrations. Senators John McCain of Arizona and John Breaux of Louisiana will be on the board, as will Henry Kissinger, Michael Ovitz and Martin Luther King III.

Theodore J. Forstmann, founder and co-chair of the Children’s Scholarship Fund, announced the campaign. Earlier this year, Forstmann challenged Texas Gov. George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore to a 90-minute, televised debate on education. Forstmann offered in exchange to donate $1 million to each candidate’s favorite children’s charity.

As of this time, the Vice President has agreed, and the coalition is waiting to hear from Governor Bush.

For full story, go to Northern Light.

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