ICANN keeps directors – Will add new domains

Under fierce pressure from critics, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has scrapped a plan to eliminate nine of its board members, the Industry Standard reported July 17.

The proposal would have eliminated all of the board members chosen by the Internet community at large. The remainder of ICANN’s board consists of the group’s CEO and nine members chosen by groups with close ties to the domain name system.

ICANN’s staff argued that the plan would give the board of directors an opportunity to rethink the need for at-large directors, who could be added back again through another by-law change in the future.

A broad range of groups continued to object, led by U.S. nonprofits Common Cause and the Center for Democracy and Technology. In the end, the board voted to study the question of at-large directors, but abandoned the plan to phase them out.

The group also agreed to create a few new top-level Internet domains by the end of the year. The decision about exactly which new domains to add was put off until November.

Under the domain expansion plan, ICANN will accept applications for new domains from Aug. 1 to Oct. 1. The group will make substantial portions of the applications public for two weeks of comment in October before meeting to announce which proposals have been accepted.

For full story, go to the Industry Standard.

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