Dot Sucks Foundation – Proceeds to go to Internet nonprofit

Ralph Nader wants 10 new “top level” domain names created to secure free-speech right for the disgruntled.

The new domains are intended to counter the corporate practice of buying up domain names that might be used as rallying points for critics. Bell Atlantic, for example, owns

The money raised by selling the domain name would go to a nonprofit group, the Dot Sucks Foundation, to fund free-speech battles on the Internet.

Nader, along with activist groups Consumer Project on Technology and Essential Information have asked the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers for permission to build the domains, including .sucks, .complaints and .isnotfair.

Under such a plan, anyone but BellAtlantic could own

Nader proposes that, for example, .customers could be used to create a site where customers of a particular company could monitor its practices and share their complaints.

For full story, go to the Christian Science Monitor.

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