Pension deductions – Program tested in eight cities

A coalition of charity federations will manage a new test program extending the federal government’s charitable giving campaign to retirees.

The Combined Federal Campaign is the largest workplace funding drive in the world, raising more than $218 million for thousands of charities in 1999. The campaign could get even larger, however, if a trial program for retirees works out.

Federal retirees in eight cities will be able to deduct charity donations from their pension payments starting in August 2000. If the program works in those cities, it could be expanded to 4 million retirees from the civil service, the military and the post office.

The Charity Campaign Partners group will provide education and outreach, as well as a center for processing direct mail and online donations. The group consists of charity federations Earth Share, Christian Service Charities, Community Health Charities, Human Services Charities of America, Medical Research Agencies of America and technology provider

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