Suharto assets seized – No resistance to investigators

Indonesian authorities have begun to seize assets linked to former President Suharto, who is being investigated on suspicion of taking money from a number of charitable foundations he ran while in power, Reuters reported July 20.

“Today, we seized an old villa owned by a charity he controlled,” Yushar Yahya, spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office, told Reuters. “It was the first asset to be taken.”

Five investigators took control of the villa without any resistance from its staff.

Officials have previously seized documents from Suharto during the investigation, but no assets before now.

Suharto and his family deny any illegal activities. President Abdurrahim Wahid has ordered informal talks with Suharto’s family to try and arrange for some of the wealth to be returned. Wahid has said he would pardon the ex-dictator if he were convicted.

For full story, go to AltaVista.

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