Light for Kenya – Good for budget, environment

A British nonprofit is looking for a partner to assemble and distribute 5,000 solar lamps in the developing world by December, the Nation reported July 20.

The Intermediate Technology Development Group, whose scientists invented the Glowstar lamp, say it will provide cheap, reliable and environmentally friendly light. The lamp was tested in Kenya before its launch this month.

The cost of the lantern, at about $105, may be too high for many Kenyans, however.

A representative of the group told Reuters it planned to team up with financial agencies so that Kenyans could buy the lamp in installments. Because the lamp is expected to last five years, and because it will eliminate the need to buy batters, kerosene or candles, buyers will save money in the long term.

The lantern comes at a good time. The Kenya Power and Lighting Company has instituted long-term power cuts of 12 hours a day.

For full story, go to Northern Light.

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