Housing rights group evicted – Rent hiked before notice served

A San Francisco anti-eviction activist group has been given the boot by its landlord, the San Francisco Chronicle reported July 28.

The Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco must leave its offices by the end of September, although the group pays its recently raised rent on time. The building is being sold, however, and the new owner wants the committee, whose lease has expired, out.

“Irony isn’t always pretty,” Robert Haaland, organizing director for the group, told the Chronicle.

Even without the notice, the committee would have had to move. Before June, the nonprofit was paying about $1,700 per month for its office. Then, the rent jumped to $3,060 per month, too much for a group with a $330,000 annual budget.

The Housing Rights Committee is only one of a slew of nonprofits that face evictions or steep rent hikes as property values skyrocket in San Francisco.

“All these organizations are at risk right now,” said Building Inspection Commissioner Debra Walker. “They’re providing a lot of the human services the city is not providing any more. And these guys are going to serve the people of San Francisco from where? Richmond?”

For full story, go to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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