Linking nonprofits to donors – Tickets, donations, shopping available

Timothy McCarthy Jr. is trying to make sure corporate charity makes the link to the nonprofit world, the Boston Business Journal reported July 31.

McCarthy, who is a bond salesman at Bear Stearns, is also the founder of, an online philanthropy network that matches donors and volunteers with nonprofits. Since last fall, he has raised about $1 million and signed up nearly 500 member organizations.

The web site has three components. The first, a “ticket causeway,” allows individuals, corporations and teams to donate tickets to sporting events.

The second links donors, volunteers and businesses to nonprofits. Visitors to the site can places to donate their money or time, or even their old clothes or computers.

The third is a “shopping causeway” that links shoppers to online merchants who agree to pay a commission to charity.

Nonprofits can be listed on the site for free as long as they are registered 501(c)(3) groups and allocate at least 66 percent of their total expenses to programs and services.

McCarthy intends to make money by selling sponsorship space on the site and its upcoming online newsletter, the Charity American.

The site is starting to build partnerships. Bentley College in Waltham, Mass. is using the site to organize its required freshman volunteer service component, and Paul G. Schervish, director of the Social Welfare Research Institute at Boston College, has agreed to conduct research for the site.

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