Town-gown partners – Companies pay for engineers

The University of Texas at Dallas is moving away from seeing corporations as donors and towards working with them as partners, the Dallas Morning News reported August 7.

“They are not into philanthropy per se, but what they are into is a quid-pro-quo relationship,” president Franklyn Jenifer told the Morning News. “It is really a very hard-core business relationship, and that’s the way they see it.”

Recently, the corporations in the local Richardson Telecom Corridor told the university last year that they needed its help in easing the high-tech labor shortage. They asked the university to double the number of engineers it produced.

Then the corporations chipped in $10 million to make that happen.

The school hopes this business-like transaction will only be the beginning of corporate cooperation. A new kind of cooperation, Jenifer said, is required by the new business environment that is growing out of the high-tech revolution.

For the full story, go to the Dallas Morning News.

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