Donor-list lawsuit – Members protect their addresses

Minnesota Public Radio will clarify its donor-list sharing practices for its members as part of a settlement agreement with the state of Minnesota, the Associated Press reported August 7.

Mike Hatch, the Minnesota Attorney General, sued the nonprofit radio network in December, saying the company’s use of the word “occasionally” was misleading in describing how often members’ names were shared with other organizations. Hatch also cited the organization’s failure to disclose to its members that their addresses would be shared along with their names, unless they checked a box to prohibit it.

Minnesota Public Radio shared member information with about 80 other nonprofits.

The lawsuit seems to have raised awareness of the problem among public radio members. A year ago, only about 5,000 members out of 88,000 total said they did not want their names and addresses to be shared. Now, nearly half of the members have opted out of having their information released.

No fees or fines were imposed on Minnesota Public Radio, and its officials admitted no liability.

For the full story, go to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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