Advocates plug in – Messages urge action

By Todd Cohen

The Technology Project has launched several new Web sites, backed by coalitions of nonprofits and funders, to promote action on public policy issues.

The Philadelphia-based group, an arm of the Rockefeller Family Fund in New York, works to speed social progress through technology.

In June, it launched, which generated 4,440 email messages its first month urging President Clinton to support strong arms reduction and to oppose a national missile defense system.

Also launched in June was, which generated 1,500 email messages its first month to Khoffi Annan, secretary general of the United Nations, supporting human rights in China.

Last October, the Technology Project launched, which has generated 330,000 messages calling on the Clinton administration to protect national forests.

And in December, the group launched, which has generated 91,000 messages urging the top three U.S. automakers to market vehicles that are more fuel-efficient.

In July, the Technology Project launched a fifth site,, to generate messages to Kellogg Co., Campbell Soup Co. and the Food and Drug Administration calling for testing and labeling of genetically engineered food products.

The Technology Project also hopes to expand its efforts to assist other groups waging email campaigns, and to encourage email vendors serving nonprofits to make their products compatible with one another.

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