Insurance for kids – Many don’t know they’re eligible

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will spend up to $26 million over the next three years to inform parents with uninsured children that their children may be eligible for low-cost or free health care coverage.

The foundation released a survey showing that six out of 10 parents whose children may qualify for state health insurance programs or for Medicaid do not know they are eligible. Over four-fifths of those parents said they would enroll if they knew their children qualified for coverage.

“Of the 11 million American children who are uninsured, seven million of them could have health coverage today. We must let their parents know that their children are eligible and we must continue to make it easier for these parents to apply,” said foundation president Steven A. Schroeder.

The new program will include market research, nationally coordinated enrollment drives, an advertising campaign and corporate and organizational partnerships to reach employees, customers and members.

The foundation’s Covering Kids program has already given $47 million to state and local enrollment efforts and for streamlining each state’s enrollment procedures.

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