Women in philanthropy – Taking a new approach

The roles women play in community service are changing as they become more financially independent, a new book says.

Having traditionally gathered petitions, organized bake sales and raised money for various causes, women no longer limit themselves to charity work and public service.

Throughout the U.S., women’s giving circles are emerging as women pool their efforts and charitable gifts to fund projects that improve the quality of life in their communities, says the Women’s Philanthropy Institute.

The nonprofit group has released a new publication, “Creating a Women’s Giving Circle,” to help women organize, manage, fund and publicize a giving circle.

“Women’s giving circles are a natural expression of a new approach to philanthropy,” says author Sondra Shaw-Hardy.

“As women build their own networks and accumulate their own wealth, it makes sense they want to pool their resources to achieve greater philanthropic power and work with others to strategically target their charitable gifts.”

Shaw-Hardy is co-founder of the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women meet their philanthropic potential.

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