Charity hoax – Almost impossible to trace

Email messages promising that needy youngsters will get a few cents from a corporation for every address to which the email is forwarded, are a popular online hoax, Reuters reported August 17.

One frequent message says the American Cancer Society will donate three cents towards cancer research for every time the e-mail is forwarded as part of 7-year-old cancer patient Jessica Mydek’s dying wish.

Jessica Mydek does not exist, however, and the American Cancer Society is not raising money in her name.

These messages are almost impossible to track because they have been forwarded so many times.

Consumer Reports provided some tips for weeding out the fake charity appeals in its December 1999 issue, however.   If a message asks you to forward it to everyone you know, and tries to make you feel guilty if you don’t, it’s a hoax.

For the full story, go to AltaVista.

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