Guilford clicking – Drive ahead of schedule

By Todd Cohen

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Guilford College, which last September announced a $50 million capital campaign – its biggest ever – already has raised $31.5 million.

The campaign, which aims to raise $18 million for endowment, $20 million for capital improvements and $12 million for operations, has generated seven gifts of nearly $1 million or more.

The campaign also boosted the school’s most recent annual fund drive to $1.05 million, a record, and has raised $11 million from its board of trustees and $600,000 from its faculty and staff.

“We’re moving right along,” says Charlie Patterson, the school’s vice president for institutional advancement.

When the public phase kicked off last year, the campaign already had raised $24.2 million in a quiet phase that began in 1995.

The campaign, which ends in December 2002, is running ahead of schedule, Patterson says. The school now is in the midst of efforts to raise money from its alumni council and soon will begin regional, alumni and national fundraising drives.

A major effort supported by the campaign, the school’s new $11 million Frank Family Science Center, will open this fall. It will house the school’s science programs, as well as an observatory and auditorium-planetarium that will be available for community use, particularly for students in the Guilford County schools.

Big gifts so far include:

·                    $2 million from Edward J. Bauman, former CEO of Blue Bell Inc., and his wife, Vivien.

·                    $2 million pledge by Joseph M. Bryan Jr. of Greensboro.

·                    $1 million from Glaxo Wellcome Inc. in Research Triangle Park.

·                    Two anonymous $1 million gifts.

·                    $940,000 from Seth Macon of Greensboro, a retired executive of Jefferson-Pilot Corp., and his wife, Hazel.

·                    $200,000 from Stanley Frank of Greensboro, retired chairman and CEO of Carolina By-Products, and his wife, Dorothy, who previously made a multi-million-dollar gift to name the school’s new science center.

·                    $150,000 from the Weaver Foundation in Greensboro in recognition of the philanthropic work of Joseph M. Bryan Jr.

·                    $75,000 from the Alden Trust in Worcester, Mass.

·                    $75,000 from the Cemala Foundation in Greensboro.

·                    $55,000 from J. Donald Cline of Greensboro, a retired computer company executive.

·                    $50,000 from the Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation in Greensboro

·                    $25,000 from the Lynn R. and Karl E. Prickett Fund in Greensboro

·                    $25,000 from the Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation in Atlanta.

The campaign co-chairs are Seth Macon of Greensboro; Robert Ingram, chief executive of Glaxo Wellcome in Durham; and M.L. Carr of Weston, Mass., executive vice president of corporate development and former player and coach for the Boston Celtics.      

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