Teen spirit – $150M market

Teenagers are likely to purchase brands associated with good social causes, a new study says.

When price and quality are equal, 89 percent of teens say they likely would switch brands to one associated to a good cause, says the second annual 2000 Cone/Roper Cause-Related Teen Spirit.

That’s up 62 percent from 1999, says the study.

IT also says that 85 percent of teens say they likely would switch retailers to one associated with a good cause, up 33 percent from last year.

“This significant increase in support of cause marketing confirms that today’s teens – who are growing up in a world of school shootings, high divorce rates and dual-career parents – are looking for ways to connect with and play a positive role in society,” says Carol Cone, CEO of Cone Inc., a Boston-based firm.

The study finds that 63 percent of teens report that in the last year they bought a product that supports a good cause, while 80 percent say they are likely to do so in the next year.

Roper estimates that teens represent a $150 billion market.

For details, go to Yahoo!.

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