Embezzlement probe – Millions involved

Home improvements, all-terrain vehicles and an apartment for an “unindicted co-conspirator” were paid for with money from $7.9 million allegedly stolen from the American Cancer Society by a former executive of the charity, the Associated Press reported Aug. 24.

Daniel Wiant, 35, who was the charity’s chief administrative officer in Ohio, has agreed to plead guilty to bank fraud, money laundering, mail fraud and illegal use of a credit card, according to his lawyer, Victor Merullo.

Wiant, who is expected to appear in court on Aug. 25, was accused by authorities in May of embezzling $6.9 million from the Cancer Society and transferring it to a bank in Austria. He fled to Europe but later surrendered and the money was returned.

Authorities now say Wiant allegedly stole about $7.9 million.

For full story, go to Alta Vista.

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