Crackdown on terror – Group denies tie to Hamas

The State Department wants the Agency for International Development to end registration for one of the biggest Muslim charities in the U.S., saying it is linked to the terrorist group Hamas, The New York Times reported Aug. 25.

The charity, Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, has repeatedly denied an affiliation with Hamas or any terrorist group. Based in Richardson, Texas, the charity raises about $6 million a year for the poor.

The State Department’s request is part of an effort to crack down on charities and relief groups suspected of being used to support Islamic terrorist organizations acting against American citizens, officials told the Times.

The effort was triggered by recent terrorist attacks and plots against Americans and Ameircan property, the Times said.

The registration by U.S. AID of charities and relief groups that work overseas allows them to obtain U.S. government grants and contracts. The agency has begun reviewing its registration process and has stopped listing registered groups on its Web site until the review is completed.

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