$100M for e-charity – Emphasis on Africa

Donna and Philip Berber of Austin, Texas, have pledged $100 million from the Berber Trust to create “A Glimmer of Hope”, an entrepreneurial organization that will fight poverty, disease and homelessness in Africa, the Associated Press reported Aug. 21.

The online charity will focus initially on Ethiopia, which suffers from widespread poverty, disease and homelessness.

Projects funded by the organization already have created a kindergarten and built two classrooms. Future plans include drilling water wells and the development of a village for women and children.

Projects are being considered in other countries as well.

A Glimmer of Hope will be run like an entrepreneurial startup modeled on other online giving sites. All online donations will go directly toward the donor’s choice of projects.

Philip Berber is the founder and chairman of online broker, CyBerCorp.com.

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