Faith in the crossfire – Groups stake out positions

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the first Jewish candidate to run on a national ticket, is emphasizing faith in his politicking – a stance that has drawn strong but mixed reactions.

The Anti-Defamation League, a leading Jewish group that fights anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry, says Lieberman’s stumping on faith is “inappropriate” and has asked him to stop, Reuters reported Aug. 29.

Some constitutional activists and scholars also are getting nervous by Lieberman’s emphasis on faith, while religious conservatives are welcoming the Democratic vice presidential candidate to their long-standing fight to inject God into politics, the Associated Press reported Aug. 30.

“He’s pushing it too far,” said Martin E. Marty, an emeritus professor at the University of Chicago, who at first was upbeat when Lieberman started talking about his Jewish values in the campaign.

Now, Marty told AP, Lieberman is “parading piety.”

Paul M. Weyrich, president of the conservative Free Congress Foundation, said that “while some Republicans dislike the Lieberman selection intently – it endangers their victory – for those who want to advance the cultural issues, this selection is a home run.”

For full story, go to Reuters and Associated Press.

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