Boy Scout inflation – Second allegation

The Boy Scouts of America council in Jacksonville, Fla., exaggerated the success of a program for minority youngsters in public housing projects, says a study by University of North Florida.

The study, funded by the Jesse Ball duPont Fund, aimed to help other charities duplicate the program after the North Florida Council reported its “Scouts in Public Housing Initiative” was flourishing, the Dallas Morning News reported Sept. 20.

Instead, the program was virtually nonexistent in 13 of 17 targeted apartment complexes, said the study, which foundfew of the 600 scouts or 285 adult volunteers claimed by the council in its request to the duPont foundation for funds.  

Boy Scout officials insist that the urban scouting initiative is successful throughout public housing in Jacksonville and suggested the research team may have conducted the survey during a lull in membership.

The duPont Fund and the university stand by the study’s conclusions.

The study represents the second documented allegation this year in which a chapter of the Boy Scouts of America is said to have overstated inner-city youth membership numbers to secure funding from potential donors eager to serve minority communities.

For full story, go to The Dallas Morning News.

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