Charity at work – Philanthropy a job perk

Companies are committing themselves to social issues to attract and keep qualified employees in today’s tight labor market, a new study says.

The 2000 Cone/Roper Executive Study found 85 percent of corporations support causes to strengthen worker loyalty.

The study, conducted by strategy firms Cone Inc. and Roper Starch Worldwide with the Harvard School of Business, found employees respond positively to companies that are socially active.

Socially active employers find their employees are more satisfied with their jobs, stay with the company longer and perform better.

In addition to monetary contributions, companies are encouraging employee volunteerism. Hands-on philanthropy accounts for more than 86 percent of community involvement among companies participating in the study.

Recognizing that aligning themselves with social causes builds pride in their organizations, seven in 10 companies report they plan to increase their community involvement in the future.

“With the nation’s unemployment rate at all-time lows, today’s workforce is looking for more than large salaries and lavish benefits,” said Mark Feldman, a Cone vice president.

“Employees are searching for a company that they are proud to be a part of- not only because of the work that is accomplished, but also because what the company stands for.”   

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