$450M for polio – Vaccine for 20 countries

Stamping out the polio virus worldwide will require $450 million and access to war zones, the Associated Press reported Sept. 28.

World Health Organization officials announced at the Global Polio Partners Summit that it hopes to eradicate the disease by 2005.

The number of polio cases throughout the world has dropped over the last 12 years, from 350,000 on 1988 to 7,000 last year. Polio is still a threat in 20 countries in Africa and Asia.

The five-year plan calls for intensifying immunization activities against polio, safely containing all laboratory stocks of the polio virus, expanding routine immunizations and agreeing on a timetable to eventually end all immunizations.

Summit partners, including the United Nations and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, have pledged support.

The United Nations Foundation has donated $28 million and foundation head Ted Turner has appealed to global corporation and private philanthropists for donations of $1 million or more.

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