Homeless strategy – Focus on drug use

Stopping the public from giving money to the homeless is the goal of an advertising campaign that the government of the United Kingdom will kick off in November, Bloomberg news reported Oct. 9.

The campaign, worth $362,000, is part of the government’s larger initiative to reduce the number of people sleeping on the streets.

Preventing drug use among the homeless is a key focus of the initiative.

“The ad campaign is a way of informing the public there are more effective ways of helping people living on the streets than giving them money,” said Ben Cooper of the government’s Rough Sleepers Unit.

Cooper suggested that the public volunteer or donate used items for people as they begin life off the street. 

Shelter, a U.K. charity for the homeless, declined to join the initiative because it believed the government did not investigate the issue enough, Bloomberg said.

Shelter confirmed that drug use is a problem among the homeless, but fears ending handouts could cause the genuinely needy to lose out. 

For full story, go to AOL.

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