Scout makeover – Focus on ‘cool’ image

A local Girl Scout council in Georgia has launched a statewide marketing blitz to recruit a new corps of “cool” young women, particularly ones with no children, to be volunteer leaders, The Wall Street Journal reported Oct. 10.

One newspaper ad in the $700,000 marketing blitz features a teenager sporting green hair and fingernails and the message: “Year, we still wear green. But a lot else has changed.”

Another ad shows a girl’s shoulder with a tattoo of the Girl Scouts’ trefoil symbol.

Within the first four weeks of the campaign, 170 young women volunteered for a job that the Journal said typically takes weeks of arm-twisting to fill.

Most of the recruits have responded to radio ads that use guilt trips and fake blackmail, the Journal says.

One ad says: “If we don’t get young, happening leaders, we’ll have to resort to extreme measures.”

Says another: “We’ll hide the cookies. That’s right. No more Samoas. No more peanut-butter sandwiches. And no more thin mints. That one hurts the most, doesn’t it?”

The Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. is considering adapting the campaign by the Girls Scout Council of Northwest Georgia – which includes metropolitan Atlanta – for use in all 317 councils throughout the U.S.

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