Online relief mart – Tech firms team up

The i2 Foundation has launched aidmatrix, an online marketplace that aims to connect donors with humanitarian and disaster-relief charities, and speed and improve delivery of relief items such as food, clothing and business supplies.

aidmatrix, which hopes to raise $100 million for an endowment, will team up with ResourceLink, an online project of Hewlett-Packard that has helped support the distribution of more than 10 million pounds of food for America’s Second Harvest, the national network of more than 200 food banks and food rescue programs.

aidmatrix, whose partners also include the American Red Cross and CARE, plans to increase the number of charities participating in its online marketplace.

The group also aims to team up with leading suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of aid items, and with transportation companies, to help them manage donations and liquidate excess and obsolete inventories.

The i2 Foundation is supported by Dallas-based software maker i2 Technologies.

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