Improving schools – Focus on students

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is investing more than $36 million in California schools and students.  

The five grants will support schools and initiatives dedicated to creating personal learning environments designed to help students achieve.

The money will create or maintain up to 64 small schools from Napa to San Diego over the next five years. Grantees are primarily high schools that encourage technology integration, community partnerships and building relationship between students and teachers.

The foundation is giving $4.9 million to the New Technology Foundation and $6.4 million to the  High Tech High Foundation to create model high schools focusing on technology, math, engineering and sciences.

The foundation also is giving $6.7 million to the National Council of La Raza to help establish a network of charter schools to serve the Latino community throughout California; and $15 million to the Bay Area Coalition of Small Schools and $3.2 million to Aspire Public Schools to expand their charter school initiatives.

Overall, the Gates Foundation has contributed more than $150 million to improve the quality of public education throughout the U.S.     

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