Salvaging computers – Environmentalists like move

Computer owners looking to unload outdated personal computers now have relief, thanks to a new program launched by IBM, the Dallas Morning News reported Nov. 14.

For a fee, IBM will accept any brand of computer parts through its IBM PC Recycling Service. The program is aimed at individuals and small-business owners who have struggled to find ways to dispose of unwanted computer hardware.

Usable equipment will be used to construct refurbished computers, which will be donated to groups needing computers.

Groups such as job training and education centers will receive the donations through Gifts in Kind International.

Unusable equipment will be recycled by Envirocycle, a firm in Hallstead, Pa.

Environmentalists say IBM’s program may help relieve what they think is one of the largest solid waste issues to emerge in recent years, the Morning News said. 

A recent study by the Environmental Health Center arm of the National Safety Council estimated that more than 20 million computers became obsolete in the U.S. in 1998. Only 11 percent of those were recycled.

The center estimates that an additional 315 million computers will become outdated by 2004.

For full story, go to the Dallas Morning News.

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