Tracking Nazi loot – Only 5 works so far

Two associations representing American art museums have agreed to a measure that will require museums to broaden their responsibilities in searching collections for art looted by the Nazis, The New York Times reported Nov. 30.

Under guidelines established in an agreement among the American Association of Museums, the Association of Art Museum Directors and the Presidential Advisory Committee on Holocaust Assets in the United States, museums must disclose on their Web sites the backgrounds of all art acquired after 1933, when the Nazis took power in Germany, and all works produced before the conclusion of World War II in 1945. 

Both museum organizations had issued guidelines in the last year half-requiring members to come forward with information on works of questionable origin. The guidelines also provided advice on the handling of claimants and the return of unlawfully seized art.

To date, only five works of art in American hands have been tracked and claimed by their original owners.

For full story, go to New York Times.

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