$35M for U.N. – Improving relations

Media mogul Ted Turner has offered to make up the $35 million difference between the dues the U.S. owes the United Nations for 2001 and the amount Congress is willing to pay, the Washington Post reported Dec. 22.

Turner hopes the offer will help U.S. Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke clinch a deal for a permanent reduction in the U.S. share of the U.N. budget and end the country’s chronic debts to the organization, a Turner representative said.

As the Clinton administration draws to a close, it is making a final push to resolve the funding issue and reduce resentment over U.S. debts, which it contends are an embarrassment and reduce the country’s clout in the organization, the Post said.

In 1997, Turner pledged $1 billion to the U.N. to support the organization’s work.

He previously has said he would not help pay U.S. dues.

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