Charity smackdown – Response to critics

Jesse Ventura won’t say how much he has earned since being elected governor of Minnesota in November 1998, but he has disclosed that he and his wife, Terry, donated more than $200,000 to charity in the past two years, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Dec. 31.

Ventura, who has faced criticism that he has used his office to boost his outside earnings, is paid $120,000 a year as governor.

Since being elected, he has inked five money-making deals: two books, a return to the pro-wrestling ring in 1999 and rock musical based on his life and broadcasting for a new pro football league.

At the urging of his wife, who in August appeared in magazine ads for a Minnesapolis-based spa company, Ventura disclosed the couple’s charity.

Their two main charities are Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis, from which the governor graduated in 1969, and the Jade Foundation, named for their daughter, which supports grups that work with disabled youngsters.

Ventura also challenged his critics to disclose how much they have contributed to charity.

For full story, go to St. Paul Pioneer Press.

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