Fighting drunk driving – Focus on friends, family

A 17-year-old public-service campaign to discourage drunk driving by focusing on people who died in crashes caused by drunk drivers has been revamped to feature the impact on victims’ deaths on their friends and family, The New York Times reported Dec. 27.

The focus on victims has won widespread praise as a strategy for changing attitudes about drunk driving, and the campaign has been updated annually with new victims from throughout the U.S.

DDB New York volunteered to create the new ads and reviewed the theme.

The new television spots, radio commercials and print ads were to begin running during the holidays.

In 1999, the value of the donated commercial time and ad space for the campaign was estimated at more than $92 million, compared with more than $110 million in 1998, the Times said.

For full story, go to The New York Times.

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