Talking the talk – Tough issues avoided

Social and financial issues that help shape individuals and their role in their communities often are not a topic of conversation between adults and youngsters, a new survey says.

The survey finds that adults have the same fear of talking to young people about budgeting, saving and giving to charity that they have about talking to young people about sex, The New York Times reported Jan. 9.

Topics that leave adults tongue-tied in front of adolescents and young adults include personal values, cultural differences and community service, the Times said.

Adults won’t talk about those for fear that young people will find out the adults don’t practice what they preach, said the study, which was commissioned by the Lutheran Brotherhood, a financial services group that serves Lutheran families, and by the Search Institute, a social science research firm.

The Gallup organization conducted the survey of 1,425 adults last spring.

For full story, go to The New York Times.

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