Atlanta lagging – Targeting donors

Atlanta nonprofit groups face a big challenge in coaxing local residents to give more to charity, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported in its Jan. 19 edition.

Individuals with a median income of $52,500 in 1999 – meaning half earned less and half earned more – donated only about $300 to nonprofits, or 0.8 percent of their income, according to a survey commissioned by The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta and conducted by Research Atlanta.

On average, Atlantans were paid $65,953 in annual income aqnd contributed $1,258, or 2.6 percent of it, to charities.

The report, which was based on random phone calls to nearly 3,000 residents and is the first of its kind on Atlantans’ personal charity, shows that individuals must increase their giving, said Alicia Philipp, the foundation’s president.

She said the study would help nonprofits target their fundraising to individual donors and team up with nonprofit groups such as churches that do a good job raising money.

For full story, go to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

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