Sending a message – Awareness a challenge

The Nature Conservancy, which bills itself as the world’s biggest conservation group, is investing in a media blitz to overcome its poor visibility, The New York Times reported Feb. 8.

The campaign features print ads and radio and TV spots launched in January for a two-month, $1.3 million pilot project in Charlotte, N.C.; Portland, Ore; and Denver – three markets the 50-year-old group says are critical.

“We have relatively little unaided public awareness” compared to such groups as the Sierra Club or Greenpeace, which are “more political and less collaborative” than the Nature Conservancy, Nancy Crozier, the group’s director of brand marketing, told the Times. “

Despite its 1.1 million members and $740 million annual budget, the Nature Conservancy last year learned through research that relatively few members of the public knew what the organization was or what it did, Crozier said.

The campaign, created by Eisner Communications in Baltimore, will include ads running in the local editions of Time and Newsweek in the three target markets, as well as TV spots featuring actor Paul Newman.

For full story, go to The New York Times.

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