U.S./world – Preventing abuse – ‘Ticking time-bomb’

Ireland’s attorney general says the national should reform its financial regulation of charities to prevent misuse of donations, The Irish Times reported April 5.

Suggesting that a “black hole” could emerge at a charity, Michael McDowell said the introduction in the Finance Act of tax relief for charitable donations makes the need for significant reform more pressing than ever.

The potential for loss of funds is like “a time-bomb ticking away,” he told the Not-forprofit Business Association, established two years ago to encourage charities working for those with disabilities to develop an entprepreneurial culture.

Frank Flannery, the association’s chairman, said the era of well intentioned but essentially amateurish charities was over.

“We have no right to complain about underfunding from the state’s coffers unless we can show the services we provide are relevant to the people who sue them and offer value for money to the taxpayer,” he said.

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