Funding gap – Threat of cuts

The director of the Wellcome Trust has threatened to end funding to build new research centers and will ask Britain’s next government to increase funding for science, GenomeWeb reported April 5.

“The medical research charities were not established to invest in equipment or bricks and mortar, but that is exactly what the lack of state funding has led us to do in recent years,” Mark Dexter, head of the Wellcome Trust, told the Save British Science Society.

“Charities should not become a substitute for adequate state investment,” he said.

The trust, the world’s largest medical charity, funded one-third of the Human Genome Project and last year invested $429.8 million in infrastructure.

It has committed $322.35 more this year to make up for what it sees as decades of neglect, GenomeWeb said.

Twenty-three percent of all British research and development funding comes from charities, compared to 9 percent in the U.S.

For full story, go to GenomeWeb.

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