Rooted in faith – Man in the middle

The politics of John DiIulio, picked by President Bush to help religious groups get more government support for delivering social services, are grounded in a blue-collar neighborhood of South Philadelphia and the Catholic church, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported April 8.

DiIulio, 42, a blunt-speaking Democrat and academic in a GOP administration of corporate citizens, has been criticized from the left and right alike, the newspaper said.

Left-leaning groups say Bush’s plan will breach the separation of church and state, while right-leaning groups complain that DiIulio wants to fund even fringe organizations.

But DiIulio, who loves a fight, believes that change is taking place in churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship – and should be supported, the newspaper said.

“To work around these organizations as if they are somehow radioactive because we presume they are proselytizing, because we presume they can do nothing other than sectarian worship, is just the height of civic irrationality,” he told the Journal-Constitution.

For full story, go to the Journal-Constitution.

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