U.S./world – Bush, Cheney charity – Royalties, stock options

President Bush and his wife, Laura, donated $143,300 to charity in 2000, while Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne, donated $41,646, plus stock options worth $7.8 million, the Associated Press reported April 14.

The Bush family paid $240,342 in federal taxes on earnings of $894,880, while the Cheney family paid $14.3 million on earnings of $36 million, according to income-tax documents released April 13.

Donations by the Bushes included $75,000 out of royalties from President Bush’s biography published during the presidential campaign, “A Charge to Keep.”

Donations from the book sales went to three groups: Boy Scouts of America, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Girls Inc.

Stock options donated by the Cheneys went to three groups: Capital Partners for Education, which provides educational support to poor youngsters in Washington, D.C.; George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates, the hospital where Cheney has been treated for his heart condition; and the University of Wyoming in Cheney’s home state.

For full story, go to New Jersey Online.

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