TV gig nixed – Ethics rule cited

A U.S. Senate panel says two senators and a former senator would break ethics rules by appearing on TV’s Who Wants To Be a Milliionaire, BBC News reported May 10.

Former presidential candidates Bob Dole and John McCain, both Republicans, and Democrat Daniel Inouye, a Hawaii Democrat, all were to have taped a charity edition of Millionaire last weekend pairing them with stars such as actor Ben Affleck to boost the new movie Pearl Harbor, BBC News said.

Dole is a former senator.

The show was to have been broadcast on ABC, a sister company of Touchstone, the Disney subsdiary producing the movie.

But even though prizes would benefit charities, the Senate Ethics Committee told the three senators, they would violate Senate rules barring them from accepting gifts of more than $2,000.

For full story, go to BBC News.

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