U.S./world – Catalyst for faith – Summit in works

In his strongest words yet on his faith-based civic strategy, President Bush said taking caring of the poor is mainly a local job, and government’s role is to spur individuals and religious groups to get the job done, The New York Times reported May 21.

“Our society must enlist, equip and empower idealistic Americans in the works of compassion that only they can provide,” Bush said in a commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame.

Noting that six of the 10 biggest corporate donors in the U.S. bar or limit donations to religious groups, Bush said he would convene a summit this fall to ask philanthropic leader to ease restrictions on grants to religious groups.

Bush’s comments, came in the face of criticism of his plan to make it easier for religious groups to get government funds.

For full story, go to The New York Times.

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