U.S./world – Shift on charity – Bush courts business

President Bush has hit some Senate bumps in his plans to boost religious groups and charitable giving — and has turned to the business world for support, according to news reports.

Senators backing Bush’s plan to finance religious charities will indefinitely delay the legislation, and the Senate has not included in its tax bill a new deduction that Bush proposed for charitable contributions, The New York Times reported May 24.

Now, aiming to divert the spotlight from government’s role in his controversial faith-based social strategy, Bush is trying to persuade corporate foundations to ease limits on donations to charitable groups, The Wall Street Journal reported May 24.

Bush, who plans a summit later this year with CEOs and philanthropists, is working closely with a new group formed by Michael Joyce of the Milwaukee-based Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation and restaurateur Paul Fleming, creator of P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, to promote the faith-based plan and solicit corporate support for it, the Journal said.

The first task for Joyce, who has announced his retirement from the Bradley Foundation — a leading funder of conservative scholars, causes and think tanks – will be to push Bush’s plan in Congress, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported May 23.

For full story, go to The New York Times and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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