U.S./world – Doubting Bush – $90B at stake

Questioning his commitment to community groups, big charities say President Bush caved in to powerful interests in dropping $90 billion in proposed tax breaks he had championed to boost charitable giving, The Washington Post reported May 30.

“Congress has passed a bill that will reduce charitable giving and harm the millions of Americans who rely on the vital services provided by charitable organizations,” said Peter Shiras, head of programs for Independent Sector, a nonprofit trade advocacy group.

The White House “at the very least” acquiesced” to dropping the tax breaks from the $1.35 trillion tax legislation approved by Congress  because they were not “a high enough priority,” he told the Post.

Kenneth Gladish, executive director of the YMCA of the USA, said charities lost to more powerful interests.

“On the one hand, the administration and leaders in Congress talk about how absolutely central the service of community organizations is, but on the other hand, there’s far less consideration and devotion than we’d hope would be the case,” he told the Post.

Bush has made support of charities a top priority, but after foes in Congress quickly dropped Bush’s charitable tax-break proposal, the White House last week offered only weak support to last-minute efforts by congressional sponsors to restore the break to the tax package, the Post said.

For full story, go to The Washington Post.

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