U.S./world – New push on faith – Summer blitz

With the help of Republican leaders and conservative activists, President Bush aims to revive his stalled plan to boost government support for religious charities, according to news reports.

Speaking in Tampa, Fla., Bush said opponents “don’t understand the power of faith,” and warned that foes of his plan would hurt popular initiatives such as the home-building program of Habitat for Humanity, the Washington Post reported June 6.

And two new groups are heading a campaign to revive Bush’s plan in Congress and get it passed by the GOP-controlled House before the August recess, The Boston Globe reported June 5.

One group was founded by Michael Joyce, a school-voucher activist who headed Milwaukee’s conservative Bradley Foundation, and the other is led by the Center for New Black Leadership, a Republican think tank that often challenges traditional civil rights groups, the Globe said.

For full story, go to Washington Post and The Boston Globe.

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