Mexican charity – Incentives in works

Philanthropy is taking root in Mexico, the San Diego Union-Tribute reported June 22.

The third edition of the Directory of Philanthropic Institutions published by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy lists 4,426 institutions and groups, the newspaper said.

The center, formed in 1988, is affiliated with 50 foundations and 220 nonprofit groups.

Mexico now makes it easier for groups to get nonprofit status that lets donors get tax breaks, and President Vicente Fox has promised to strengthen the tax structure for nonprofits, the newspaper said.

Corporations also are getting more involved in philanthropy.

And combined funding by the Telmex and Grupo Carso foundations created by Carlos Slim, Latin America’s richest individual, should total $1 billion this year.

“Charity is more of what we have in Mexico,” said Jacinto Astiazaran Rosas, who runs a big accounting firm and heads the Fundacion Internacional de la Comunidad. “We are trying for the institutionalization of philanthropy.”

For full story, go to San Diego Union-Tribune.

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