Tech support – 11,000 new computers

The R.J. Reynolds Foundation has pledged $1 million to as part of a $38.25 million collaborative project to plug the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County public schools into technology.

The project – covering kindergarten through 12th grade — will put 11,000 computers in classrooms, add fiber-optic connections and support systems, provide curriculum software and train teachers.

Among other goals, the project aims to reduce to 4-to-1 the ratio of students per computer. That ratio currently is 7-to-1 and, in some cases, as high as 9-to-1.

 The collaboration includes local, state and federal government, a local bond referendum, and grants from individuals, foundations and businesses.

The project aims to ensure that all graduates of the school system are computer-literate and prepared to compete in an increasingly tech-based society.

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